The Redbird Shuttle is shut down


We miss you! Hurry back!

Hi Mary,

We’re back, check out the website for all the new updates!

Thank you,
Redbird Shuttle

Please let me know when u get going again. Good luck. I wish you only the best

Hi Pat,

Thank you for the nice message. We are starting aging (under new management) on June 13th. We have new pick-up locations check you the website for all of the updates.

Thank you again,
Redbird Shuttle

great news. have tickets for 19th will use your service. I have time to look up the particulars. Thanks, great service!

Any Senior Discounts for those of us over 62 ???? Military discounts ????? Thanks for starting up again, but the price increase ( double/triple) is a bit steep.

Thank You for returning and also the e-mail letting me know

Thank you for starting your service again and for letting us know by email.
Next game we attend,.we will use your service from Reavis Barracks & I-55 location.

I also will using the service from 55 and Richardson Rd.

did the price go up or is it still 5 dollars a person on 10 dollars a person. still it is worth it not have to fight the traffic.

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